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An Engineering Institute of Vivekanand Shiksha Evam Seva Samiti Bhopal
(Group Founded in 1981)
Approved by AICTE, New Delhi
Affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya (RGPV) Bhopal (M.P.)
Recognised by The Directorate of Technical Education, M.P.

Core Values

Respect for the individual Valuing diversity and unique contributions, fostering a trusting. Open and inclusive environment, and treating each person in a manner that reflects our core values. Appreciating the fact that every individual brings different perspectives and capabilities to our institution, and that a strong institution is founded on a variety of perspectives.

Passion for Growth and Excellence

Promoting big dreams and fostering experimentation and trials in pursuit of opportunities and excellence. Constantly challenging ourselves to rise higher by undertaking things, by enjoying competition, by questioning the routine and conventional, by constantly striving to improve our society.


‘Before coming to SRCT, I had little idea of what I can become. The Guidance provided to me at SRCT has helped me in planning my career and preparing myself to purshe higher education from US’
                                                                                  Ankit Shrivastava

‘ Bhopal is more than 1000 km away from my native place. The confidence and exposure that I have gained during my first year at SRCT keeps motivating me to work hard for realizing the dreams of my parents.’
                                                                                     Vidya Joyti Minz

SRCT has given me some wonderful classmates who are not only tough competitors but great friends as well. I feel assured about a great career after completing my engineering in such a great environment.

                                                                                     Shivam Upadhyay


I am a university rank holder I have scored 8.93 SGPA in my Ist  sem exam, this became possible just because of the faculty which gives their attention to every single student.
                                                                                            Archna Patel


I am a university rank holder I have scored 8.67 SGPA in my Ist  sem exam, this achievement of my life became possible only because of the practical education in SRCT.
                                                                                       Ram Sagar Bais


I am a university rank holder I have scored 8.53 SGPA in my Ist  sem exam ,this happened because of the very friendly faculty student atmosphere.
                                                                            Jitendra Kumar Rajput


SRCT do what they commit before taking admission in the college I  asked for revsion in every subject before final exam. Faculty completed their syllabus before time & gave 2 times revision of the all the subject.Now I am a university rank holder & scored 8.93 SGPA in my Ist  sem exam.
                                                                                     Rajesh Kumat Bais


Lowest Fee in M.P. @ Shri Ram College of Technology, yes this is true .I was not taking admission in the B.E. course because my financial condition was not good but after hearing the fee of SRCT I decided to be an Engineer. Now I am a university rank holder 8.20 SGPA all because of SRCT.
                                                                                             Suresh Dangi


Upholding Honesty which includes integrity, sincerity, forthrightness, a sense of honor, respect for a person’s word and for the commitments made, together with a refusal to adopt dishonest methods for gaining benefits.

Camaraderie and Team Spirit

Promoting Camaraderie which includes solidarity, friendship, loyalty, generosity and the joint sharing of the fruits of a collective labor. Continually improving ourselves through unleashing the collective creativity and intelligence of our entire team. Beyond that, caring for each other, working together and playing together, and connecting at a human level beyond the typical superior- subordinate relationships.

Nation Orientation

Constantly being aware of our responsibility to generate economic value for india. While pursuing our lofty goals, we will constantly remind ourselves of the socio-economic disparities and disadvantages for our brethren in india. Looking beyond the welfare of our immediate family and kins, we will commit ourselves to actions and decisions which promise good for the greatest number of Indians.

Curriculum Design

SRCT has identified curriculum as the foremost instrument for professional development of its students. Curriculum comprises all the activities undertaken by students as part of the academic requirements of their institution. In our pursuit of excellence , we have developed the curriculum of SRCT after analyzing the distinctive features and best practices in technology education as followed by the best institutes across the world. Recognizing the importance of practical knowledge and application of technology, our curriculum emphasizes on the use of technology, interactive approach and self-preparation for better learning. SRCT accords higher importance to development of analytical and quantitative skills which are expected from students of Engineering – a structured analytical and number-oriented discipline.

Teaching Aids

SRCT makes use of interactive pedagogy that makes use of multimedia technology (through powerpoint presentations, flash movies and LCD projectors.) We believe that, if a picture is worth a thousand words, then video or animated content would be no less than a billion words .


SRCT accords higher importance to development of analytical and quantitative skills which are expected from students of Engineering – a structured, analytical and number – oriented discipline. By using a problem solving or exercise-oriented approach for learning concepts, SRCT gears students for effectively tackling the competitive exams for engineers and the technical rounds during recruitment. Surprise quizzes, class presentations, group discussions and team assignments form an integral part of the daily academic requirements of our students.